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Attract. Inspire. Empower.

Mark Coressel - Owner/CEO


Petrichor (pronounced peh·truh·kor) is the scent of rain.

More specifically, it is the the distinctive, earthy, pleasant scent that is present after a rainfall. It's caused by rain combining with plant oils and a bacteria in the soil called geosmins... and, people love it.

Petrichor is such a powerfully attractive, inspiring, and empowering scent that, for decades, perfume manufacturers have used geosmins when creating their most impactful fragrances.

We want our work for you to be like petrichor... natural, and powerfully attractive, inspiring, and empowering.

Our approach is unique: We only have one employee, our owner and CEO, Mark Coressel.

Mark has provided art direction and project management for hundreds of marketing campaigns of every type. But, his creative specialty is copywriting and content development. 

That's why copy and content are the cornerstone of our agency. And, why they are the foundation upon which we build our client relationships. 

But The Petrichor Agency is more than one person.

It's also a network of top marketing agency and freelance specialists. A network that has helped Mark execute business development assets for industry-leading clients and employers throughout his 31 year career.

This structure means each of our clients receives Mark's one-on-one attention while allowing us to provide a full-range of top-tier marketing services to our clients, regardless of size, industry, or budget.

However, this structure only allows us to work with a handful of select clients... clients who need our services most, and who share our core values.

If you believe you are one of the select few are ready to put the best marketing partnership network to work for you, contact us today.


The Petrichor Agency uses a network of seasoned marketing professionals in order to provide you with all of full-range of marketing and business development services. Listed below are some of the services we can help you with. 

Marketing Plans & Budgets

Website Design & Maintenance

Social Media Management

Content & Copywriting

Video & Graphic Design

Email Campaigns

Need something else? Contact us.


SharpSpring Certification

Certified Digital
Marketing Professional

Digital Marketing Institute

American Marketing Association

Certified Content Specialist

American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI)

Advanced Certified
Marketing Automation User


Certified Online Community
& Social Media Moderator

Moderation Gateway

Meet Mark Coressel 

Hello! Thank you for checking out The Petrichor Agency...

For the past 31 years, I've worked for industry-leading companies of all sizes and types. From a Fortune 500 outsourcing company to a small, three-employee nonprofit in the affordable housing industry.

Regardless of who I've worked with, I've always measured success by two words...


So, earning your trust and producing results is what you can expect when you partner with The Petrichor Agency.

Over the course of my years working with top performers in their industries, I've developed a network of first-class marketing specialists who can create business development messaging, assets, and tools for you that...

Attract, Inspire, and Empower your customers.

If you're ready to get started, send me an email now.

My team and I can't wait to start producing results for you!

Mark Coressel
The Petrichor Agency


We listen.

We act with integrity and honesty.

Client success, satisfaction, and trust are our primary goals.

We treat our clients, as well as their customers, employees,
and businesses as if they were our own.


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